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Profiles in Power: Oregano Oil

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This is one of those things that everyone swears by, yet I had virtually no luck with it when I first tried it. All of the anecdotes and research sounded very promising, but after taking a whole bottle of capsules and seeing little benefit, I dismissed it as another internet myth.

However, I realized later that both trials I made with it occurred before I discovered the gut/bladder connection. When I developed a post-antibiotic UTI recently, I had lots of oregano oil on hand due to trying it topically for the vicious case of staph. I did a quick charcoal cleanse and took OLE and oregano oil only, and drank lemon water.
That UTI was dead in just a few days.

My theory is that, in the trials before cleansing, the oregano oil simply wasn’t making it into my bladder in sufficient quantities to do the job. Also, when I first took it I tried it alone, not in conjunction with OLE.
I believe that, if you’ve done the Boot Camp and still have an infection, oregano oil may be what you need to drive a stake in that thing’s heart for good.


The main medicinal agent in oregano oil is carvacrol, which is a monoterpenoid phenol.
Unless you’re a biochemist, that probably didn’t turn on any light bulbs…let’s just say it combines the killing action of terpenes and phenols. Each of those things kill bacteria in different ways. You’ll notice that the basic protocol for the average UTI combines OLE, raw garlic, and cayenne. Each of those represent a different chemical group. Oleuropein, the medicinal agent in OLE, is a phenolic acid. Allicin, the medicinal agent in raw garlic, is an organosulphur, cayenne is in the terpene (think ginger and turmeric) family, with a protoalkaloid element, too. When combined, you’re basically napalming pathogens on 3 fronts. Oregano oil also helps destroy pathogen biofilms, which is commonly a factor when you’ve been treated with multiple antibiotics for recurring infections. Like OLE, it’s effective against both gram negative (E. coli, Klebsiella) and gram positive (Staph, Strep, Entero) bacteria.

In the case of one rare strain of E. coli, any terpene is a strong irritant, so if you experience increased symptoms after taking ginger/turmeric/cayenne, or if you’re mostly better but stalled at a low level of infection, drop any of those three you’re taking, and just concentrate on OLE and oregano oil.
In my experience, it will help kill an E. coli infection that is merely irritated by cayenne.

The brand I used was Vitacost: I bought the 2 oz bottle with the dropper, and filled empty capsules right before taking. They’re sold out of that right now, but they have their own capsules, and Amazon has Nature’s Way, which is a reliable brand.

After you’ve done a charcoal cleanse, I would start with 2 capsules of either brand with every meal, and with a small snack and a glass of lemon water at bedtime. You can take your OLE at the same time, or in between meals and at bedtime, so you’re slamming the infection every couple of hours all day long, with a 1-2 punch staying in your bladder all night long.
Monitor your symptoms and test in the morning, and if you feel the need, increase oregano dosage to 4 capsules at bedtime and in the first morning dose, keeping the other two doses at 2 capsules. Keep taking till your morning tests have been clear for 3 days running, and you are VICTORIOUS.

If you’ve been struggling along feeling like you’re going to die before this infection does, this will help you Hulk out on that nasty little devil.



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