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Never Get Another UTI

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This is for those of you who’re UTI-free or about to be, and want to stay that way. I’m not going to waste time telling you to wipe front to back, or to pee after sex, because I know you’re not a Neanderthal, and I doubt you’re sleeping with one, either.


Though if you have recurrent yeast, BV, or UTI’s, you should hold him down and feed him OLE.

Or just tell him, “It puts the OLE in its mouth, or it gets NO MORE NOOKIE, EVER.”
That’ll fetch ‘im.

Okay, ready for the tips?     *ahem*


  1. Cleanse your gut with activated charcoal
  2. Cleanse your gut with activated charcoal
  3. Cleanse your gut with activated charcoal, woman!

Have you done a charcoal cleanse yet? If not, go do it now, and come back later.
I wait


Back? Good.

Your man should do one, too. Tell him that he’ll lose weight effortlessly, and stop farting, too. Don’t tell him he’ll stop craving beer; that acts as a deterrent, for some reason.

2. Take probiotics, preferably something with L. reuteri, a beneficial bacteria that enjoys long walks on the beach, pottery throwing, and knife fights with E. coli. Take one every day till the bottle’s gone, and put one high up in your lady cave overnight. You may see little green globs in the next two days. If so, repeat. For extra credit…put down your drink, ladies…put two capsules in a coconut bullet and take rectally, overnight. Yes, you read that right. If you get loose, slimy poops in the morning, throw yourself a party, because you just killed the Candida/E. coli colony that would have re-infected you. If you’ve had chronic gut problems of any sort in the past, take L-glutamine as well, to rebuild your gut lining.

3. Start every day with a 12 oz glass of lemon or lime water. Most women who develop a problem with UTI’s have a tendency to be a bit dehydrated, and you want to reverse that. The best way to get in the hydration habit is to start the day with a large glass of water, and then every time you empty your bladder over the course of the day, make a point to drink 8 oz of water. It doesn’t have to have lemon or lime in it, just drink water. Having to go to the bathroom is going to be your ‘drink water’ memory trigger from now on. You can fancy it up a bit and get one of those infuser bottles and make fruit-infused water, if that helps you. Just this one thing is going to cut your chances of developing a new infection by about 75%.

4. Do the full Coconut Bullet treatment for your lady cave (before you use the probiotic), preferably with OLE soaked in the oil ahead of time, and do a plain coconut oil bullet once a month, thereafter.

5. If you have any reason to think you may have been exposed to UTI pathogens, make and apply a thick dollop of charcoal paste right to your urethral opening. If there’s anything trying to crawl up your urethra, it’ll suck it back out. I personally love doing that overnight, knowing that it’s a perfect UTI shield.

6. Keep a big bottle of Vitacost OLE on hand, and take a handful whenever you think you need to. This will keep all kinds of infections at bay, from the common cold to UTI’s to eye/ear/nose/throat infections. It also naturally cures hypertension, high cholesterol, inflammatory conditions, and there’s evidence it kills cancer cells, so you really can’t go wrong. For extra credit, put a bottle of oregano oil capsules in the fridge, to double team any bad guys with. If you suspect a UTI coming on, take two of those 4x a day along with 4 OLE capsules, for 2 days straight, and it’ll die before it even gets a foot in the door.


Now, did you really go do a charcoal cleanse, before? If not…..








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