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Author: Rebekah W.

Troubleshooting: Little to No Response to OLE

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If you’ve been taking OLE for a few days, and you are either barely having any die-off symptoms or none at all, and your UTI continues unabated, don’t despair. There are two possibilities:

  1. Your OLE is no good. (If you’re on Vitacost capsules, it’s not this one)
  2. Your intestinal Candida has a protective biofilm.

The first is the most likely, and you should study your OLE label to make sure you don’t have a dud. If you realize that your OLE has 6 or 9 or 12% oleuropein per capsule, that means you need to pop those pills like they’re candy. You may be taking 250 mg capsules with 6% oleuropein, in which case you’re getting 15 mg of oleuropein per capsule, when the dosage recommendations I’ve laid out are based on getting 90 mg of oleuropein per capsule. Increase your doses accordingly, and order the good stuff!

If you’re taking Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength OLE, and you have no real response other than a little gurgling in the abdomen, your Candida has a biofilm. Forget biofilm enzymes, don’t even go there. There’s a simple quick fix for this that doesn’t require a fancy supplement (which is almost completely ineffective anyway, in my experience).

Pregnancy and UTI’s

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First of all, I’ve been there. I had my last child while I was dealing with my first UTI, and I had that infection throughout the entire pregnancy, because I didn’t yet know how to kill these things. I did, however, know how to safely manage it, and if you’re wondering whether you can take these things and kill an infection while pregnant, the answer is “Yes”.

Profiles in Power: The Unbeatables

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I’m going to profile each of the most effective supplements, and do a post on each of the compound groups and how and what they kill, and then I’m going to write profiles of UTI-causing bacterias and cross-reference them so you know how to kill your infection no matter what type it is…and this post is the start of that. Listed in the graphic above are the most effective natural infection-killers. The things listed in the top two lines are the most effective killers, so make OLE, garlic, and cayenne your backbone, with ginger tea or horseradish or black walnut as adjuncts, if desired.

It is important to remember that the organosulphurs must NOT be heated, but many of the others can be made into tea.
The cayenne pepper and black pepper can be mixed into honey, 1/4 tsp pepper to one large spoonful of honey.
If you have any medical conditions other than a UTI, and especially if you’re on medication for them, please google anything and everything before taking it, to see if there’s an interaction you need to be concerned about. The terpenes cannot be taken with beta blockers, for instance. Necessary cautions and warnings will be listed in the individual profiles of all of these compounds and all of the posts will be in the same category for ease of perusal.

Children and UTI’s

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I love it when I’m contacted by a mom about a child, because their infections are so easily wiped out, with so few complications. While nearly every adult has enough secondary infections, like Candida, to be forced to go through a period of detox before their bladder infection improves, the average child can take just 2-3 capsules of OLE per day, and be infection-free in a few days. After dealing with some cases where a woman has to work for as much as two weeks to get through all her Candida and wipe out a UTI, witnessing someone getting well so quickly is a pleasant change.

Profiles in Power: Activated Charcoal

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In all honesty, you guys, when I read about this stuff I thought it sounded like snake oil. It’s supposed to do what? Then, I got the worst rash of my entire life last winter: it was so painful I couldn’t sleep for more than 3 hours at a time before it woke me up.
I’ve always had sensitive skin, and I got careless and used my husband’s Old Spice deodorant once, and next thing you know, my pits were on fire. I could tell that yeast was a major player, which made sense because I’d been on amoxicillin a few weeks before (for a UTI it didn’t cure: cayenne pepper killed that). It wouldn’t have been so bad if only I hadn’t tried Monistat on it, but how was I to know I was allergic to that, too? It immediately got exponentially worse, and even coconut oil with minced raw garlic steeped in it could barely keep up.
I was in a lot of pain, and wearing old rag shirts because I absolutely reeked of garlic. It was a rough winter…I have pictures, but I’ll spare you.

Anyway, a friend of mine who’s a retired nurse suggested activated charcoal. I’d heard of it and thought it sounded totally kooky, but by then I was desperate to get a full night’s sleep…and stop smelling like the morning after the night before at an Italian restaurant. I also thought it would be rather nice to wear real clothes and leave the house again.

Supplies You’ll Need

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I’m putting this in a pinned blog post, since I realized that it isn’t very noticeable as a page when you’re on a mobile device.

Olive Leaf Extract: My favorite is Vitacost, because it’s the best quality and price. Here’s the Vitacost link. This Swanson Super Strength is the best one sold on Amazon, next to Vitacost, which is more expensive there than on the Vitacost site.

Raw garlic: (Any grocery store produce section: buy the heads, not the stuff in the jars)

Fresh baking soda from the store: The stuff you have lying around the house is almost guaranteed to taste horrid, because it absorbs odors.

Lemon juice: You’re going to want a big bottle, or lots of lemons and a juicer.

Cayenne pepper: (Any grocery store spice aisle: the capsules are unnecessary. Mix the loose powder into a spoonful of honey, instead. If you take this and feel increased irritation, discontinue use; it’s not helpful against the type of bacteria you have.)

Oil of oregano: I used the Vitacost liquid and filled empty capsules with it, but they’re out of that, as of this writing (4/5/17). I should think that the stuff in the capsules would work, too. Use for E. coli infections AFTER a cleanse, alongside OLE. It’s much more effective in the bladder once you’ve gotten any intestinal Candida out of the way. Here’s a reputable brand, on Amazon.

Vitamin C: I’ve had recent experience with this absolutely slaughtering a staph infection deep in my skin: if you have a staph UTI, go for it. Any standard ascorbic acid from the grocery store is fine: look for 1000 mg capsules like these.

Activated charcoal: ⇐ Click for the good stuff. You can get these in capsules from a local store, but in the quantities you’ll want to take to cleanse your gut and prevent future UTI’s, the loose powder form is far more cost-effective. It’s completely odorless and tasteless: all you have to do is stir it into a glass of water and chug it. You can also make poultices from it for skin infections, wounds, and for a sore urethra. If you’re determined to buy the capsules, these are the best ones: they’re 500 mg, when the store ones are generally 260 mg.

Coconut oil: This is what you want to use as a base for vaginal treatments for current infections, and for preventive maintenance.

Cinnamon/Ginger: (You can grate a fresh ginger root from the store, or get a jar of powdered ginger or cinnamon in the spice aisle. Warning: About 4% of UTI’s are caused by a strain of E. coli that responds very negatively to ginger and turmeric. If you take either and feel increased bladder pressure, discontinue immediately. That strain also responds badly to cayenne pepper.)

UTI tests: These are so much cheaper online than in the store, it’s ridiculous. You can get 25 for around $12, or this kind right here if you want to be a total UTI data nerd.

Here’s the link for 8 parameter strips for those of you in the U.K. 

Probiotics: Ladies, I tried this kind right here, and I’m IN LOVE. I talk about what it has in it in this post, and I wasn’t kidding. It’s awesome sauce, with a side of fanfreakin’tastic. It went Search and Destroy on bad guys in my hoohah that a coconut bullet didn’t reach, because those two Lacto strains go all Delta Force strike team up in there. Place it high at bedtime, because you want them staying in your lady cave and not going spelunking in your urethra.


For gut repair after repeated antibiotics: L-glutamine to regenerate your gut lining, and pair this probiotic with Femdophilus.
Also, licorice helps your stomach lining, your acid production, and your adrenals, all of which benefits your gut.
Digestive enzymes would also be a good idea until you’ve re-established a healthy probiotic population in your regenerated gut lining.

How to Read and Understand Your UTI Test Results

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It sounds simple enough when you look at the box, but you’d be surprised.

First of all, if your infection isn’t raging out of control, you may not get any results at all unless you test first thing in the morning, because neither leukocytes nor nitrites have built up enough in your urine for the reagent to pick up on them. So if you feel like you have something, but you take a test and don’t see anything, wait till first thing the next morning to get a true read.

Secondly, nitrites are more easily flushed out of your urine, (they take 4 hours to build up in it) so you can feel something coming on and take a test in the afternoon and only see leuokocytes, (the top one that turns tan-purple) making you think that you have a gram positive infection, and then you can take something for it and test again the next morning, and see only nitrites (The one that turns pink).
I wish I had a picture of my expression when this happened to me.

Killing a UTI: Phase III

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If you’ve done everything outlined in Phases I and II and you still have trace leukocyte test results you can’t seem to shake, the best course of action is to increase your raw garlic intake.
I know, not what anyone wants to hear, right? But, it works, and you only have to do it for 3 days. Increase by one clove per meal throughout the day, while still doing everything you’ve been doing, then get a good grip on your courage and take 3 good-sized cloves before bed. No cheating with those skinny little inner cloves, now. I can see you. Ò_Ó

Y’all will be delighted to hear that ‘more garlic’ is Old and Busted, and ‘oregano oil’ is New Hotness!

The pH Connection: Or, Why I Never Recommend Cranberry Juice

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There’s a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue of whether your urine pH should be acidic or alkaline, when you have a UTI.
Most people think that it should be more acidic, largely because they hear that cranberry juice is good for a UTI and that’s very, very acidic.
Also, if they put lemon juice in their water and feel better, they think the lemon juice acidified their urine. More on that, in a bit.
If you’ve used cranberry juice, and it seemed to get better, and then it got worse, this is why…(the link is a very worthwhile read)

..cranberry produces hippuric acid in the urine…Putting hippuric acid into the urine initially kills off the bacteria that have thinner acid-susceptible cell-walls, leaving only thicker-skinned acid-resistant individuals to multiply and pass on their resistant genes.

Therefore, you feel better initially, and then the toughest bacteria take over, and you actually get worse, because the surviving bacteria are now more resistant to anything you take, including antibiotics. Fortunately, this isn’t irreversible, so if you’ve experienced this, don’t freak out.