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Killing Candida: A Tutorial

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This is for those of you who don’t currently have a UTI, but you’d like to clear your gut of Candida.


  1. Activated charcoal must be taken with plain water, 2 hours after AND before eating, meaning it must be taken in the middle of a 4 hour fasting window in which nothing but water is consumed. It’s like a magnet, and you want it sucking up Candida and its toxins, not your food and supplements.
  2. Charcoal should NOT be taken until your bowels are moving loose and frequently, or it will cause constipation. Killing Candida with things listed in this post produces loose bowels in about 85% of people, within 2 days.
  3. If these things make you feel crappy, but your bowels do NOT get loose, you have a biofilm on that Candida, and it needs to be treated with the laxative/charcoal cleanse outlined in the Boot Camp post. If you don’t start getting loose bowels by morning of Day 3, you need to go the laxative/charcoal route.
  4. At some point, you’re going to start thinking that all this diarrhea is going to make you dehydrated, or something. As long as you’re consuming enough water (64 oz per day), it doesn’t matter how much is coming out of the other end, because it’s all retained fluid your body was using to dilute the Candida that’s now dead. This is where the major weight loss happens, and you’ll feel better and better with more and more energy as you go. It’s all toxins and retained fluid, unnecessary water weight, draining out of you.
  5. Google “Paleo diet” and do your best to adhere to it while you kill Candida. You’ll crave sweets less and less over time, so it’s not as difficult to stick to as you might think.
  6. It’s a great idea to switch things up and take 2 different kinds of these suggested Candida killers every day. Like, one day take OLE and coconut oil, the next day take caprylic acid and cinnamon tea, that sort of thing. Just make sure that you keep the quantities at the suggested levels, if at all possible.
  7. Drink 64 oz water per day, without fail. You can drink more if you want, but don’t drink less.


Day 1: Make yourself some cinnamon tea: 4 tsp cinnamon mixed into 24 oz steaming hot water. Steep for 20 minutes: don’t consume the grounds.
Drink 8 oz 3 times a day, between meals. Eat lightly, your emphasis should be on vegetables and protein. Shakes made with unsweetened whey protein powder are excellent. Continue to eat this way throughout the cleanse.

Feel Better Fast: Alkalize Your System

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I explained the reasons behind why you want to increase your pH when you have a UTI in The pH Connection post, and this one is specifically about how to change your diet to help make that happen.
Stop all the processed food, ladies, and soft drinks and coffee/black tea and sugar and chocolate and tomatoes and salsa and steak. Red meat is highly acid-forming in your system, and so are sugars and starches and most dairy. Dairy and caffeine are bladder irritants in their own right: it’s just that you don’t notice it when you don’t have an infection. Members of the nightshade family are alkaline-forming, but they’re still upsetting to a bladder infection more often than not. Also, fermented food/drinks should be avoided in most cases.
Now for the good news…

The pH Connection: Or, Why I Never Recommend Cranberry Juice

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There’s a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue of whether your urine pH should be acidic or alkaline, when you have a UTI.
Most people think that it should be more acidic, largely because they hear that cranberry juice is good for a UTI and that’s very, very acidic.
Also, if they put lemon juice in their water and feel better, they think the lemon juice acidified their urine. More on that, in a bit.
If you’ve used cranberry juice, and it seemed to get better, and then it got worse, this is why…(the link is a very worthwhile read)

..cranberry produces hippuric acid in the urine…Putting hippuric acid into the urine initially kills off the bacteria that have thinner acid-susceptible cell-walls, leaving only thicker-skinned acid-resistant individuals to multiply and pass on their resistant genes.

Therefore, you feel better initially, and then the toughest bacteria take over, and you actually get worse, because the surviving bacteria are now more resistant to anything you take, including antibiotics. Fortunately, this isn’t irreversible, so if you’ve experienced this, don’t freak out.