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Haunted by Waters

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Or, “Your Bladder Isn’t The Real Problem”

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.“–Norman Maclean

Today I lolled beside a river all afternoon, lying in the shade with my hat pulled comfortably over my eyes. I was listening to my children play a little ways upstream while keeping one eye open and fixed on the “Thou shalt not pass” line I’d fixed in my mind (because no mother ever completely relaxes while her children are playing in a river, though the water be shallow and her husband present), and I thought about what a long and clunky sentence it would take to describe the scene.
I was right.

I also thought about how the urinary tract is like a waterway, because you can’t listen to water run for hours on end without thinking about peeing, even if you’re not obsessed with the subject, like I am. It’s an excellent analogy I’ve used a number of times when explaining how these protocols work and why antibiotics are a temporary patch instead of a permanent solution.

People are always asking me how they could have gotten an infection, when they were so careful. One lady cleaned herself with rubbing alcohol every day, in her desperation to avoid a new infection. She’d been told her hygiene must be at fault, so she basically took a blowtorch to the area.


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Rise Up and Fight

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The hardest thing about dealing with an infection that antibiotics won’t kill is the despair. You’re not just fighting an infection, you’re locked in a death grapple with fear.



It’s so hard to keep on going when you see no light at the end of the tunnel, when hope feels like a cruel trick being played upon you by an evil fate. You get to a point where you dread even the sensation of hope, because you’re absolutely sure it will be crushed again, leaving you in an even deeper pit of despair. Emotionally crushed by multiple defeats, pain that never ends, your whole life consumed by this one stupid issue that no one else seems to have, just you.
The freak with a bladder that won’t heal.

A Quick and Dirty Cleanse

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For those of you who really need to do a cleanse but feel overwhelmed by the whole process, here’s something you should be able to manage more easily.

If you don’t suffer from chronic constipation, you can simply wake up 2 hours early and drink a teaspoon of charcoal stirred into 12 oz of water, go back to bed till your usual rising time, and then go about your day, making sure you don’t eat anything, or drink anything but water within 2 hours of having taken the charcoal. Make sure to drink 8 oz water per waking hour the rest of the day.

Why Can’t I Get Well?

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If I had a nickel for every time I thought this…I’d be basking on a sunny beach in an undisclosed location, being served Mai Tais by a cute guy named Enrique.


..What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Why you can’t get free of this crap.
What you have to remember about an infection of the bladder is that it’s part of your body’s waste disposal system. Hard to shake/recurring infections aren’t happening in a vacuum, and they aren’t even the problem: they’re the most noticeable symptom of an overarching problem taking place higher up the chain.