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Troubleshooting: Constant UTI Symptoms, Tests Come Back Clear

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To throw in an extra complication, taking antibiotics makes you feel better! This is one that’ll really throw you for a loop, because your bladder is driving you nuts, but no matter how many test strips you pee on, or how many cultures you have done, there’s nothing there, and when the doctor gives you antibiotics just to shut you up, you feel better…but it comes back with a vengeance every time you stop.

You don’t have a UTI. And you’re not crazy, either.

What you have is a Candida overgrowth in your gut that is irritating the bloody hell out of your bladder. You may also have an undiagnosed co-infection of the surface tissue (click here to find out what to do about that part).

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Self, if it’s Candida, a fungus not directly affected by antibiotics, why would antibiotics make my bladder feel better?”.

I’ll get to that in a minute.


Troubleshooting: It Burns, and Nothing Works

Posted in Immediate UTI Treatment, Troubleshooting, Useful Tips, and Vaginal Health

If you’ve got urethra burning and bladder frequency that nothing will stop, not baking soda water, not raw garlic, not OLE, brace yourself, darling.

You don’t have a UTI: you have an infection of your lady tissues. I’m talking the vagina, the inner labia, the clitoris all around the urethra: the whooole enchilada. Maybe you’ve had a swab culture done recently that didn’t turn up anything, or a doctor has taken hisself a gander and declared it looks fine to him….but honey badger don’t care.


Profiles in Power: Horseradish

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If you’ve been working the UTI protocol, and either your intestinal Candida is barely budging, or the bacteria in your bladder seems oddly unaffected by the natural meds, you’re dealing with a biofilm, whether produced by Candida, or the bacteria.

The presence of Candida biofilm is relatively easy to determine, as I’ve already mentioned in this Troubleshooting post. Many cases are easily eradicated by an activated charcoal cleanse, as outlined here, but in cases where there’s a significant past history of prolonged anti-fungal or corticosteroid use, the treatment is going to be somewhat more complicated. First of all, you want to stay on the Quick and Dirty Cleanse protocol, and you want to get horseradish root (benefits for the bladder and other systems found here) from your local grocery store, and a digestive enzyme supplement like this one. I haven’t observed enzymes to be very efficacious on their own, but paired with horseradish, they may be more effective. (take according to label instructions)

Troubleshooting: Little to No Response to OLE

Posted in Infection Killing Protocol, Troubleshooting, and Useful Tips

If you’ve been taking OLE for a few days, and you are either barely having any die-off symptoms or none at all, and your UTI continues unabated, don’t despair. There are two possibilities:

  1. Your OLE is no good. (If you’re on Vitacost capsules, it’s not this one)
  2. Your intestinal Candida has a protective biofilm.

The first is the most likely, and you should study your OLE label to make sure you don’t have a dud. If you realize that your OLE has 6 or 9 or 12% oleuropein per capsule, that means you need to pop those pills like they’re candy. You may be taking 250 mg capsules with 6% oleuropein, in which case you’re getting 15 mg of oleuropein per capsule, when the dosage recommendations I’ve laid out are based on getting 90 mg of oleuropein per capsule. Increase your doses accordingly, and order the good stuff!

If you’re taking Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength OLE, and you have no real response other than a little gurgling in the abdomen, your Candida has a biofilm. Forget biofilm enzymes, don’t even go there. There’s a simple quick fix for this that doesn’t require a fancy supplement (which is almost completely ineffective anyway, in my experience).