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Troubleshooting: Little to No Response to OLE

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If you’ve been taking OLE for a few days, and you are either barely having any die-off symptoms or none at all, and your UTI continues unabated, don’t despair. There are two possibilities:

  1. Your OLE is no good. (If you’re on Vitacost capsules, it’s not this one)
  2. Your intestinal Candida has a protective biofilm.

The first is the most likely, and you should study your OLE label¬†to make sure you don’t have a dud. If you realize that your OLE has 6 or 9 or 12% oleuropein per capsule, that means you need to pop those pills like they’re candy. You may be taking 250 mg capsules with 6% oleuropein, in which case you’re getting 15 mg of oleuropein per capsule, when the dosage recommendations I’ve laid out are based on getting 90 mg of oleuropein per capsule.¬†Increase your doses accordingly, and order the good stuff!

If you’re taking Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength OLE, and you have no real response other than a little gurgling in the abdomen, your Candida has a biofilm. Forget biofilm enzymes, don’t even go there. There’s a simple quick fix for this that doesn’t require a fancy supplement (which is almost completely ineffective anyway, in my experience).

Profiles in Power: The Unbeatables

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I’m going to profile each of the most effective supplements, and do a post on each of the compound groups and how and what they kill, and then I’m going to write profiles of UTI-causing bacterias and cross-reference them so you know how to kill your infection no matter what type it is…and this post is the start of that. Listed in the graphic above are the most effective natural infection-killers. The things listed in the top two lines are the most effective killers, so make OLE, garlic, and cayenne your backbone, with ginger tea or horseradish or black walnut as adjuncts, if desired.

It is important to remember that the organosulphurs must NOT be heated, but many of the others can be made into tea.
The cayenne pepper and black pepper can be mixed into honey, 1/4 tsp pepper to one large spoonful of honey.
If you have any medical conditions other than a UTI, and especially if you’re on medication for them, please google anything and everything before taking it, to see if there’s an interaction you need to be concerned about. The terpenes cannot be taken with beta blockers, for instance. Necessary cautions and warnings will be listed in the individual profiles of all of these compounds and all of the posts will be in the same category for ease of perusal.

How to Read and Understand Your UTI Test Results

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It sounds simple enough when you look at the box, but you’d be surprised.

First of all, if your infection isn’t raging out of control, you may not get any results at all unless you test first thing in the morning, because neither leukocytes nor nitrites have built up enough in your urine for the reagent to pick up on them. So if you feel like you have something, but you take a test and don’t see anything, wait till first thing the next morning to get a true read.

Secondly, nitrites are more easily flushed out of your urine, (they take 4 hours to build up in it) so you can feel something coming on and take a test in the afternoon and only see leuokocytes, (the top one that turns tan-purple) making you think that you have a gram positive infection, and then you can take something for it and test again the next morning, and see only nitrites (The one that turns pink).
I wish I had a picture of my expression when this happened to me.

Deciphering OLE Supplement Labels

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So, you’re at the local hippie store trying to find some OLE, and this looks good, right? It says 18% right there in black and white! This is what you’re going to see on the store brand OLE labels.

At first glance, you’d think you’re holding some quality OLE in your hot little hands, but look again at that label. See how it’s split into olive leaf extract, and olive leaf?
Those are 400 mg capsules, and they have 215 mg of olive leaf extract with 18% oleuropein, and 185 mg of olive leaf, which is basically useless filler.

What you’re really holding is about 9% oleuropein, total. Those 400 mg capsules have 38.7 mg of active ingredient. To contrast, Vitacost OLE, my favorite, has 90 mg of oleuropein in a 500 mg capsule, for a true 18% active ingredient.

Many health food stores carry Gaia brand in addition to a store brand, and guess what % of active ingredient that has?

The pH Connection: Or, Why I Never Recommend Cranberry Juice

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There’s a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue of whether your urine pH should be acidic or alkaline, when you have a UTI.
Most people think that it should be more acidic, largely because they hear that cranberry juice is good for a UTI and that’s very, very acidic.
Also, if they put lemon juice in their water and feel better, they think the lemon juice acidified their urine. More on that, in a bit.
If you’ve used cranberry juice, and it seemed to get better, and then it got worse, this is why…(the link is a very worthwhile read)

..cranberry produces hippuric acid in the urine…Putting hippuric acid into the urine initially kills off the bacteria that have thinner acid-susceptible cell-walls, leaving only thicker-skinned acid-resistant individuals to multiply and pass on their resistant genes.

Therefore, you feel better initially, and then the toughest bacteria take over, and you actually get worse, because the surviving bacteria are now more resistant to anything you take, including antibiotics. Fortunately, this isn’t irreversible, so if you’ve experienced this, don’t freak out.