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I’ll add more in as I’m reminded of them, but these are some of the most common questions I’m asked.

  1. I’m currently on antibiotics, but this is the third round and it keeps coming back. I want to try this natural method but I’m afraid to stop taking my antibiotics before the course is finished. Can I take these things and antibiotics at the same time?
    Yes. The only antibiotic you can’t take with garlic is Nydrazid, which is taken for TB. OLE has no known interaction with any antibiotic, but should not be taken in conjunction with medication for high BP. It lowers BP naturally, and then the prescription meds depress it too low. I can’t tell anyone to go off prescribed meds, but I can tell you that regular OLE usage will gradually bring your BP down naturally, and make prescription meds unnecessary.
    Cayenne is fine with antibiotics, but should not be taking in conjunction with blood thinners, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors,  or Theophylline (asthma medication).
  2. How long will this protocol take?

    That’s entirely dependent on how much you have going on in your body, pathogen-wise, and how consistent you are. Your bladder is the last stop in your body before the exit, and when you take something orally that kills viral, fungal, and bacterial agents, it’s killing its entire way through you.
    First it kills any pathogens it finds in the gut, (you’ll have loose bowels), then what it finds in the blood (you may have some serious phlegm show up, and feel something in your ears..that’s fluid draining), and then it ends up in your bladder. Until the other things are completely destroyed, some of what you’re taking is getting used up along the way, so be patient as you watch the domino effect through your whole body. Gut symptoms, then blood, then organs. Depending on the Killing the Crap You Didn’t Know You Had factor, getting to the point of a clear UTI test could take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.
    The good news is, your UTI pain will begin to diminish quickly, generally within the first day, and by the time you’ve killed your UTI, you’ve fixed all kinds of other things, too. You’ll end up feeling better than you did before you got your infection. Trust me. 🙂

  3. Will all this olive leaf extract kill my good bacteria?

    No. OLE is completely non-toxic to friendlies, and to human cells. It’s one of the very few substances you can’t OD on. Activated charcoal will suck up your good bacteria along with the bad guys, however, but all you have to do is re-populate with probiotics after a charcoal cleanse.