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Victory Wall

I’m so happy over the e-mails I’ve gotten today that I have to acknowledge them somewhere.

Cured: Judith B. — antibiotic-resistant Serratia infection since January: started killing it naturally this month. After cleansing with OLE, she slammed garlic and cayenne last weekend. She just got Monday’s culture back: all clear.

Cured: Cicily L.– recurring UTI’s after sex, now 1 week past Doing the Deed, tests still clear

Cured: Marina S. — after 2 weeks of hard work where she cleared an antibiotic-resistant UTI and a serious Candida problem, she’s now sending me pics from her vacay in Italy. 🙂

Cured: Van — symptom-free for 10 days, just got tests yesterday and had a clear test this morning.

Crystal-clear tests, but not finished yet: Lisa W. and Claudia C.