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I just found lost Contact messages *facepalm*

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Ladies, if you’ve sent me a message through the Contact form, I grovel before you in abject apology. Those were never sent to my e-mail, and I just happened to click on something called “feedback” in the dashboard, and found a bunch of messages I’d never seen, some of them weeks old.
I’m gutted. I had no idea that ‘contact’ messages went to ‘feedback’ in the admin panel, and I didn’t get alerts.
I’ll e-mail you all back individually.

July 11-15

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I’ll be busy with a dozen 1st graders every day from 8am-12:30pm EST: it’s VBS week! If you comment or e-mail me during that time, I will get back to you as soon as I drag myself and five hopped up young kids home. In the meantime, if you took something that kills Candida, and you feel like you’re dying, don’t panic. And don’t take anymore Candida-killers: take a laxative instead, to get that die-off out of you. Then take 2 charcoal and call me in the morning. 

I jest: call me in the afternoon. In the morning, I’ll be in my undersea cavern with a bunch of wildly excited little kids. 

Okay, maybe I’m a little excited, too. Making that cavern was a blast! My husband’s obsession with holiday lighting is finally paying off for me: I didn’t have to buy anything to get that effect. LOL

A rapt audience enjoying their first day of adventure in their very own sea cavern, listening to Miss Sarah.