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Killing a UTI: Phase II

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Yes, that’s right. We’re bringing out the big guns, now.

By this time, you should have been following the recommendations outlined in the Phase I post for at least 3 days, and you may be getting headaches, nausea, and hopefully, loose stools from Candida die-off. Your UTI pain should be alleviated by 30-40%, as well.

With your strong OLE you bought online in hand, you can start taking it with every meal. With Vitacost OLE (500 mg capsule with 90 mg oleuropein in it) you can take..

  • 2 with breakfast
  • 1 with lunch, and
  • 1 with dinner

..on the first day, and see how you feel at the end of the day. You may experience an increase in die-off symptoms. For nausea, you can drink a glass of baking soda water to settle your stomach in 10 minutes, but for the headache you’ll just have to stay well-hydrated and soldier through. If you feel pretty good, take 1 more capsule before bed, and in the morning take..

The Deadly Duo: UTI’s and Candida

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Something most people don’t realize is that virtually every case of UTI coexists with and is exacerbated by a case of intestinal Candida overgrowth. The UTI itself may even have been indirectly caused by Candida.

What happens is, you get your first UTI, for whatever reason. Like any normal person, you take antibiotics for it. Presto, infection’s gone. You may or may not get a vaginal yeast infection afterward, which you may treat topically, and you may take probiotics and think you’re fine, intestinally. Especially if you took Diflucan, because if you take that, you’re alright, right?