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PSA: The Rise of Group B Strep UTIs

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Is largely due to going down. ?

Group B strep is commonly found living as a relatively harmless denizen of the gut, vagina, and the mouth. It is not motile, meaning the little devil can’t move on its own, meaning it has to be placed ON the urethra to cause a UTI, if you get what I’m saying, here. *cough*
This is one point I ain’t makin’ with a GIF, so y’all will have to use your imaginations. Put 2 and 2 together and make 4, savvy?

It can also be contracted through contact with contaminated medical equipment (catheter).

If you would like to avoid this form of UTI, I highly recommend both parties brush their teeth and *ahem* tongues very thoroughly with activated charcoal.

Very. Thoroughly.

If you already have it…I’m still working on a cure for this nasty little devil. It isn’t particularly virulent in the bladder, typically, but it’s as persistent as the cute guy at your front door trying to sell you a new TV/internet bundle.

It just






By all rights, raw garlic, oregano oil, ascorbic acid, and OLE should do the job, but I’ve got 4 people right now watching everyone else with all kinds of other UTIs get cured, and their tests strips are still turning a faint but inexorable purple.

If you’ve got it, avoid sugar, alcohol, do some charcoal cleansing to boost your immune system, and stay on OLE, and raw garlic or oregano oil to keep yourself virtually asymptomatic. Also, contact me on FB to be part of a test group for curing this thing, if you want.


  1. P. Susan
    P. Susan

    I adore you! Your sense of humor keeps us going!

    July 8, 2017
    • Rebekah W.
      Rebekah W.

      Laughter really IS the best medicine…after OLE, natch. ?

      July 8, 2017
      • Alison Robertson
        Alison Robertson

        Hi there, looking for some help with my mums recurring uti’s she was just recovering from kidney/uti with staph and urosepsis mum was treated with iv antibiotics amoxoclav sent home with another course, it came back, treated with more amoxiclav and so it goes, to no avail, she was then given trimethoprim, mum has ibs low kidney function has a pace maker and has had lung cancer (which is under control) this has been ongoing for the past two/three years. She is literally tearing her hair out. Please, any help wld be greatly appreciated

        October 6, 2017
  2. Jen

    How do you know if you have Group B?

    July 21, 2017
    • Rebekah W.
      Rebekah W.

      The doctor can order a culture done. A clue is if you use a urine test strip first thing in the morning after sleeping through the night, and the leukocytes turn purple but the nitrites stay clear. That means the bacteria is a gram positive type that doesn’t produce nitrites: the usual culprits are staph, strep, or entero. A culture is the only way to be sure, though.

      July 21, 2017
      • Dena

        Welp, I got this little booger. It’s been tormenting me the past two days, especially today. I’ve been wondering why my nitrites were clear and my leukocytes were purple. Now it makes perfect sense. I had a urinalysis recently, still waiting on the results. Looking forward to that cure, Rebekah! You know your stuff!

        On another note, I think that I’ve about eradicated that pesky Candida. I haven’t had an infection or symptoms in quite a while. I just finished another two day charcoal cleanse this past week. That makes about eight separate cleanses that I’ve done since June. I have to say that it works! Thanks so much!

        October 1, 2017
  3. Jennifer

    So, I had a vaginal/UTI/vaginal/UTI for the last 4 weeks. I started treating with coconut oil, switched over to GFSE when it turned into a UTI, then I stopped because I thought it cleared up (oh, it so didn’t). I found this page a week or so ago, and added OLE and garlic to my GFSE and it cleared up again. Then three days ago it came back. The first go-around, baking soda completely took the symptoms away! This time, it helps a bit but not nearly as much. 🙁 My strips are completely clear for nitrites and only slightly purplish in the am for leukocites. So confused.

    October 31, 2017

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