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Curing Cellulitis Permanently

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Since my bout with cellulitis, I searched online for a place to share my experience, and ended up posting on a website called patient(.)com. I made one post detailing what happened to me, and how I fixed it, and then made a few supportive comments on someone else’s post. I was banned from the site 5 days after I signed up. Without warning.

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I e-mailed them to ask why, and was curtly informed that I was endangering people’s health. I didn’t tell anyone to go off their meds: I just suggested adding ascorbic acid to what they were doing. I guess that was too radical. (Yes, I did just roll my eyes.)

Sooooo, then I searched Facebook for a cellulitis group: what I found was horrifying. In a way, I should have seen this coming, because with all my UTI experience, I know how antibiotics destroy the gut biome and lead to recurring infections. Still, it was shocking.

Virtually everyone posting in that group, including the admin, has been dealing with recurring cellulitis for 5 years or more, and they all have horror stories (and pictures!!!) about sepsis and surgeries and wounds that won’t heal. As far as I could tell, I was the only one in the group who was cured. I asked if they were open to natural cures before posting my story, not caring to be summarily booted from the premises, again.


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I was given the green light, so I posted my story and began commenting on people’s posts. I didn’t get much feedback at all, but on May 15th, a man (We’ll call him ‘Paul’ :D) who’d been on antibiotics for two weeks joined the group. Paul’s saga had begun on the last weekend in April with a rash and fever, and he’d been on antibiotics, IV and then oral, ever since. As of May 20th, his infection was worsening.


Thankfully, he read my comments and was open to trying Vitamin C. He began taking it then, and in about two weeks (his antibiotics prescription had run out in the meantime) his leg looked like this…

We’d begun talking via FB messages by then, and I asked him to increase the Vitamin C, adding in a bedtime dose, and to take activated charcoal first thing in the morning to deal with the Candida overgrowth he was bound to have, after all those antibiotics. A week later (6/10/17), his leg looked like this….

I said all that to say, I believe that cellulitis can be cured permanently, just like the bladder.
(And I just started a FB support group expressly for you guys! <—-Click.)

First of all, the most common cause of recurring cellulitis, antibiotic-resistant staph, is slaughtered by Vitamin C, more specifically, ascorbic acid. For excerpts of studies with links, click here.
To treat a current infection or to begin a preventive cleanse, start with a minimum of 1500 mg of ascorbic acid, 3-4 times a day. Depending on the size and virulence of the infection, you may need more. Lots more. If you’re in the grip of a raging infection no antibiotics are touching, go straight for 5 grams, 3-4 times a day.

These doses will cause your bowels to make like Niagara Falls, but that’s why you want to buy activated charcoal. If you’re running loose and fast, take a tablespoon in water first thing in the morning, and half that between meals during the day, if needed. Follow the timing instructions carefully. Activated charcoal must be taken with water, 2 hours away from any food, supplements, or meds. It will stop the runs and clear out all the Candida your multiple rounds of antibiotics have given you, which is a key step in preventing future infections.
Take a dose of probiotics every day, to restore your gut health.

To support your immune system, and cleanse your whole body of pathogens, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take a fat clove of freshly minced garlic (DO NOT HEAT), and around 500-750 mg of cayenne pepper. Most people who suffer from recurring cellulitis have circulation issues, and cayenne pepper will take care of that. The garlic will purify your blood and organs of infection-causing bacteria (it and the Vitamin C stop sepsis in its tracks).

After you’ve been taking the C, charcoal, garlic, and cayenne for a week and you’re feeling MUCH better, add in 2 capsules of olive leaf extract per meal. Get the Vitacost brand, or Swanson Super Strength: links are here. This will further cleanse your body, flushing Candida out of your kidneys and finishing off any lingering inflammation. Increase by a capsule per dose until you get to 4 capsules per dose, with every meal.

To prevent future infections from wounds, soak the affected area in warm Epsom salt water (1 part salt to 8 parts water) for 20-30 minutes, then apply antibiotic ointment, or aloe pulp, or a drop of oregano oil in coconut oil carrier, keep it clean, and take 2 grams of Vitamin C a day for 3 days.

Now, on topical treatments: If your cellulitis is oozing, that’s great.
You’re going to need a lot of activated charcoal, but your infection is going to heal incredibly fast. What you do is you take some activated charcoal (how much you need depends on the size of the weeping area) and you dribble a few drops of water into it until you have yourself a thick paste, like black frosting.
If your skin is really raw, with pitting, take a coffee filter or a paper towel, get it damp, and lay it over the area. Spread your wet charcoal generously over the whole thing, then place another damp paper towel/filter over that, and cover with a piece of plastic wrap, or waxed paper, anything waterproof, basically.

Then you wrap the whole thing in an Ace bandage, so that the charcoal stays wet and stays pressed against your weeping skin. Leave it on for about 6 hours. When you take it off, the redness and swelling will have visibly reduced, and the pain will be significantly better. Let it breathe for 10-15 minutes, and then reapply, just as before. It can be left overnight with no problems: you just have to make sure the charcoal stays damp. As your skin heals, you can leave out the towel/filter on your skin and spread the wet charcoal directly on the surface, doing everything else the same.

If you have unbroken skin but would like to take advantage of the topical charcoal treatment, you can mix ascorbic acid powder with water to make a thick paste, and spread it over the skin. Wherever there is a staph infection under the surface, a small blister will form: healthy skin remains unaffected. You’ll probably feel some tingling, but don’t worry, you’re rinsing this off in 3 minutes. After rinsing, apply a wet charcoal poultice as directed above, and the charcoal will draw the infection out through those little blisters.

Continue oral (Vit C, cayenne, garlic, OLE) and topical treatment until the skin has resumed normal tone and texture, and then continue the OLE and probiotic until the bottles are gone.
If you have any conditions that affect your circulation, like diabetes or paralysis, I would strongly recommend staying on cayenne pepper (500 mg twice a day), Vitamin C (1000 mg a day), and OLE (2 capsules Vitacost or Swanson per day).

Congratulations! You’re cured.
Bring it home, Spock…

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